About Us

Our Story

Skate Sister Hockey started out in 2011 as a group of thirty and forty-something friends in north and midtown Toronto looking for a great workout, a challenge to learn a new sport and a way back into team sports...

Over five years, our small group of beginner skaters has grown into a community of women from all over Toronto who enjoy getting an amazing workout while playing friendly beginner to intermediate recreational hockey. We've sent teams to Iceland and Vegas for epic hockey tournaments, hosted teams on our ice from as close as the Annex to as far away as Iceland and continue to bring together women from across Toronto in friendly competition.

What We Offer

Today, Skate Sister Hockey operates Toronto's only daytime women's recreational hockey league and offers beginner and intermediate level hockey and cardio skating classes in central Toronto.  We offer women a great workout, a fun community and an opportunity to play a team sport -- a combination many of us haven't had since our school days.

Unlike most adult hockey programs, we play during the day in central locations.  Our format appeals to women with flexible work schedules, super moms who have a bit of free time during the school day, and those who sometimes like to sneak out of the office to play... One way or another, we find a way to play in the day!

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